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Can My Kratom Safe? Lab Testing Kratom 101

Can My Kratom Safe? Lab Testing Kratom 101

Whether you’re a newcomer to the planet of Kratom or a seasoned enthusiast, understanding safety is key to your own Kratom experience. Kratom itself is a wonderful botanical that has been used safely in Southeast Asia for centuries. Since Kratom has gained fame in western civilization many security and quality measures are put in place like lab testing Kratom.

There are a lot of moving parts in regards to understanding the many aspects of the miracle plant. We are going to focus on educating you about the protection of your Kratom and the reason it is so essential.

Thus, let’s get started!

The Background

Whether you’re just researching Kratom or you’ve been a fan for a long time it’s very important to understand that the plants’ origins and biology. Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree grown in countries such as Malaysia and Thailand, and it is biochemically related to the java shrub.

It’s formally called Mitragyna Speciosa and contains active compounds called alkaloids which are responsible for its effects. There are over 40 alkaloids present in Kratom, however, there are just two alkaloids that are only found in Mitragyna Speciosa. Those unique alkaloids are called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These alkaloids produce different results based on their effectiveness. Based upon the origin of this Kratom the potency will be different. Countries like Thailand are famous for getting Kratom with greater alkaloid articles.

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Laboratory Testing Kratom

When it comes to the security of Kratom, lab testing is the perfect method to ensure safety and quality. Many variables are assessed during routine lab testing. There are benchmarks for quality that have to be met ahead of the Kratom actually reaches your hands.

Let’s go over what’s tested.


Pathogens can find their way into anything nowadays…it just happens. The best approach to stop things like pathogen pollution is to have good company practices from growth to crop to packaging. That’s the reason why purchasing from a respectable source like Etanicals is so important to your experience.

Lab testing can identify harmful pathogens like Salmonella and mould. These pathogens may find their way in packed Kratom from dangerous handling and unsafe curing or drying of the product. If these pathogens are present in a lab test they will not be sold.

Heavy Metals

Kratom is like any other plant, it thrives in a wholesome environment. Overtime if that environment (the dirt and water for example) becomes polluted with heavy metals then the plant will get polluted also. Heavy metals may have damaging effects that can be detrimental to your health.

Purchasing Kratom from an unreputable source puts you in danger of being subjected to things such as heavy metal poisoning. Kratom is safe, but only when purchased from a caliber purveyor who values quality and security above all else.


Coastline Kratom is dedicated to giving you an authentic and superior experience. Certain other Kratom providers utilize harmful adulterants, binders, or fillers to boost their Kratom. Third-party lab testing makes sure that you’re getting 100% pure Kratom free of any crap.


Among the most exciting features of this lab testing in Coastline Kratom is the fact that you can read the information behind the strain which you pick! The Certificate of Investigation will show you the relative abundance of the alkaloids present in the strain that you pick. As we touched on earlier, each breed is exceptional and has varying degrees of alkaloids.

Reputable Labs

Other companies may choose to perform in-house testing. This testing mainly involves a scan of the product to check for any insects that might have become the product or anything appearing out of the ordinary. The problem with this method alone is there is not any accountability and no mathematics included.

That’s the reason why in Etanicals we use reputable third-party testing to make sure that we are delivering the safest and most high-quality product to our customers. The botanical industry is flooded with choices, however, when you choose a reputable source you have the reassurance that you’re getting the best product in the marketplace.

Other Safety Concerns

The CDC has introduced recent data concerning the security of Kratom. There has been some misinformation from the community regarding Kratom but here are a few facts:

  • There have been more than 27,000 deaths from overdose in 2017. Of those unfortunate deaths, only .56percent (around 150) had Kratom within their system.
  • Of those who had Kratom within their system, almost all had deadly levels of drugs in their system such as Opiates. Of people who perished over 90% had issues with poly-drug use and weren’t receiving therapy.

We deliver this statistic to you concerning safety since it is a concern that’s mentioned quite often. What we could say is that the proof shows that Opiates do continue to be an issue, however, Kratom is clearly not the issue and the two are not the same.

Making the Best Choice

When choosing Kratom it’s all about choice. Red Vein or White Vein, Thai or Maeng Da, however, the most essential choice should be where you opt to purchase. Laboratory testing Kratom for our clients is essential because we know it is the best method for you to receive the product you have earned.

Customer security and satisfaction are our number one goals at Coastline Kratom. We would love to answer any queries that you may have about Kratom. If you are interested in knowing more about this superb botanical click!

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