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CBD Oil Reviews: A Compilation of User Experiences

CBD Oil Reviews: A Compilation of User Experiences

If you’re thinking about trying CBD oil but aren’t certain if it’s worthwhile, we’ve got you covered. This post compiles countless consumer reviews to distill the very precious info. We examine the effectiveness, adverse effects, and other functional facets of different products available on the market. Continue reading.

Disclaimer: This post just summarizes the reviews of consumers, who may or may not have scientific or medical training. We can’t attest to the accuracy and trustworthiness of those compiled testimonials, which don’t represent the opinions of us. We recommend choosing CBD oil based on scientific evidence, preferably under medical advice. Remember to go over this with your physician before attempting any CBD oil.

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Why Compile CBD Oil Reviews?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the only approved use of CBD oil comes from the kind of prescription anti-seizure medicine and further research has to be done in order to decipher its benefits in different problems. However, that hasn’t stopped many people from using it for an assortment of conditions.

In reality, more and more people are utilizing CBD oil for ailments such as chronic pain, stress, sleep disorders, and melancholy.

In addition to learning, if there’s any scientific validity because of its assumed benefits, a significant part of the research is getting to know the first-hand experiences of other users. While private experiences do not translate into efficacy, these experiences might provide some warning about potential side effects you should be aware of.

The key questions you should ask before choosing a specific brand usually revolve about the following:

  • How effective are unique products?
  • What side effects did others experience?
  • What’s the best oil for your financial plan?
  • Which products would be the simplest to use?
  • How reputable is the company that you’re buying from?

Navigating CBD oil testimonials can feel just like going through a pitch-black maze, especially if you’re a first-time user. That is why we chose to review hundreds of user experiences and compile the responses to each of the essential questions in 1 post. Bear in mind, we invite everyone to discuss with their physician before taking any supplements, let alone something like CBD oil which is a relatively new product on the market and has not been years of clinical research to back up its potential benefits to wellness.

What Do People Use CBD Oil for?

The efficacy and health benefits of CBD oil diverse depending on the wellbeing conditions of people used it to get. We outlined user adventures for the main CBD oil utilizes below. Remember that these are user experiences and your outcomes change. That is why it’s extremely important to discuss CBD oil with your physician.

1) Seizures

People using CBD oil to control seizures or epilepsy in children mostly said it functions quickly and gives great results.

According to consumers, CBD oil significantly decreased the frequency, length, and severity of the seizures. What is more, they reported fewer adverse effects than with traditional anti-seizure drugs.

CBD oil users generally maintained it helped them. As stated by many of these, it has few side effects.

2) Persistent Pain

Although not accepted by the FDA, many people used CBD oil to alleviate chronic pain.

They suffered from conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, surgical pain, migraines, and back pain. Some reported that the oil decreased pain and improved their quality of life.

Sometimes, they reported added benefits like helping them unwind, lifting their mood, and enhancing their sleep quality. One person even claimed she dropped a few pounds from using it.

People with multiple sclerosis also reported reduced involuntary muscle contractions and tremors from taking CBD oil. In some cases, they claimed the petroleum improved freedom and aided them to walk without the aid of a device.

Those with arthritis reported that the petroleum relieved joint stiffness, pain, and inflammation. They believed improved leg and arm freedom, which allowed them to cut down on painkillers.

Approximately one-third of people with chronic pain utilized CBD to substitute opioid painkillers or lower their dose. They normally found CBD powerful and did not experience the negative effects and harsh withdrawal syndrome from these drugs.

A lot of men and women choose CBD oil to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. Some report satisfactory outcomes.

3) Stress

A lot of individuals taking CBD oil suffered from severe anxiety, including social anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, ADHD, and PTSD. In other cases, anxiety caused painful conditions such as fibromyalgia, IBD, and back pain.

In general, they were pleased with the results and reported that petroleum quickly made them feel more relaxed without getting them high.

Because stress often comes hand in hand with inadequate sleep, it’s not surprising that many users reporting that CBD oil reduced their stress also slept better later.

Some people with anxiety say CBD oil calms them quickly while also improving their sleep.

4) Sleep Issues

Some users required CBD oil to boost insomnia or sleep difficulties which were a result of the stress and chronic pain.

Most state a single dose before going to bed helped them drop asleep faster and sleep through the night without feeling groggy or exhausted in the morning.

5) Depression

Few individuals took CBD oil for depression. Many, however, reported mood advancement as an extra benefit to its effects on anxiety and pain. The oil allegedly helped them feel more optimistic and joyful.

What’s the Downside CBD Oil Users Talk About?

Though most CBD oil users were fulfilled, some of them were left disappointed. They didn’t feel anything or experienced side effects. This section compiles the principal complaints.


By far, the most common complaint among dissatisfied users was that the oil did not work for them.

In some cases, the reason could have been an inadequate dose. For instance, a user that vaped CBD oil felt that the dose per puff was low and felt some relief after repeated use. Another individual with back and neck pain admitted not utilizing CBD consistently.

Some complaints may be due to not using CBD oil correctly. One person who took it for sleeplessness at 9 AM (rather than doing so before going to bed) whined about feeling tired two hours later but not at nighttime.

A couple of users might have developed tolerance since the oil stopped working after a few weeks.

A person who took CBD for schizophrenia advocated low doses only if needed to avoid developing tolerance. Another individual said he switched manufacturers since he didn’t feel anything in the petroleum he had been taking.

But for some users that took the CBD oil properly, they stated they didn’t get any advantages from the product.

CBD oil didn’t work for many people. For some, this might be because they have been using a low dose or carrying the oil at the incorrect time of the day. For others, they did not believe it benefited them.

Adverse Effects

Several users noticed the unwanted effects of using CBD oil.

The most common side effects, no matter the status, were dry mouth, nausea, digestive problems, drowsiness, fatigue, and disorientation.

Some effects were specific to the condition or shipping form.

A woman taking CBD oil for stress reported with migraines which caused her to wake up in panic attacks. In turn, another girl using CBD petroleum jelly for arthritis developed a rash.

The risk of adverse effects increased at elevated doses. A user reported that a moderate CBD dose helped with her depression but not with chronic pain. When she awakened the dose, it still didn’t enhance her pain and worsened her melancholy.

Likewise, many users reported headaches or irritability after taking high doses for a wide range of conditions.

CBD oil may also interact with prescription drugs. A man taking it for depression found the oil raised his anxiety when he combined it with Xanax.

Users reported several CBD petroleum side effects, more often at large doses. Some even reported adverse interactions using their prescription drugs.

Other Factors

Finally, many users complained about functional aspects irrelevant to health, like the delivery and brand form.

Most folks complained about the high price of CBD oil.

However, satisfied customers normally concluded that paying a bit more was worthwhile, because the pricier oils were usually more successful, for example, CBD oil from 4 Corners Cannabis. There were, however, some exceptions like CBDistillery and Lazarus Natural Products. These brands offered high-quality oils at relatively lower prices.

Many customers found that the customer support of some businesses poor. Unresponsive or impolite staff, slow delivery, and payments processed through foreign banks (exposed to transaction fees) would be the most frequent complaints. Pure Kona and Green Roads got the lowest score, while the customer service of cbdMD was highly appreciated.

Some users experienced difficulties with the packaging: leaking bottles, droppers without marks to correct the dose, and difficult-to-open containers.

An individual of a THC-comprising brand (Sunsoil CBD Oil) reported testing positive for bud after taking the oil. Conversely, several brands such as Hemp Bombs, Medterra, and Nature’s Script market 100% THC-free products.

Several consumers of types taken by mouth (including petroleum tinctures, vapes, and gummies) could not stand the taste. In the event of topical forms, a few users complained in their odor, greasy texture, and poor absorption through your skin. One user reported that the petroleum stained his clothes and wouldn’t come off.

Make sure to purchase CBD petroleum from a reputable brand. Many men and women complain about poor product quality, packaging, and customer services.


CBD oil is deemed experimental and much more research is warranted before deciding on its own effectiveness. Speak with your physician before trying it out.

CBD oil testimonials are extremely varied, but a lot of consumers share positive experiences.

People today say CBD oil relieves pain, anxiety, and seizures. Using it before sleep helped lots of users get a fantastic night’s sleep. A handful of folks also say it helps with depression and stomach problems.

Some people today assert CBD oil doesn’t work for them. Sometimes, though they admit using low doses or not taking the oil frequently enough. Others were carrying CBD oil the wrong way, such as using it in the morning (instead of earlier bed) to increase sleep.

Users who whine about unwanted effects — dry mouth, nausea, and drowsiness — were more frequently taking high doses.

Where you buy the oil from matters. A lot of people complain about poor product quality, bad customer care, and packaging problems.

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