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Your Ultimate Guide To Kratom Drink Mixes

Your Ultimate Guide To Kratom Drink Mixes

Do you adore wrapping your hands around a warm mug of tea in the evenings? Can you relish your morning pick-me-up smoothie?

The good thing is that the different, earthy taste of kratom blends well with many of your favorite drinks! If you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable way to enjoy this wonder plant, then kratom drink mixes are a natural addition to your recipe collection.

Not sure where to start? On the lookout to find out more on how to combine your drinks, which ones to select and to steer clear of? We’ve got the answers you want.

Today, we’re sharing our comprehensive guide to blending, mixing and stirring kratom leaves to your drinks, from sunup to sundown.

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What Makes Kratom Drink Mixes Special?

Mitragyna speciosa, or kratom, is a tropical evergreen tree that grows native in Southeast Asia. An associate of the coffee family leaves out of the kratom tree are used for centuries to help treat common pains and aches and supply a calming, healing feeling upon ingestion.

There are a Couple of Various Ways you can take kratom, including:

  • Drinking kratom powder
  • Taking kratom capsules or pills
  • Chewing raw kratom leaves
  • Smoking kratom
  • Spooning dry kratom powder in your mouth (“toss and wash”)

Each of these methods offers distinct pros and cons. Additionally, the way that you consume atom will influence how fast you feel its effects, and what your appropriate dosage will look like.

Among the easiest and delicious ways to enjoy kratom would be to combine the dried, powdered leaves into hot water to create a beverage that soothes your entire body and relaxes your nerves, any time of the day! Let’s take a peek at how this method works.

Benefits of ingesting Kratom Tea

As its name implies, kratom tea is made by brewing leaves derived from the kratom shrub. Even though you can use this particular technique, it’s often easier to simply mix a tiny kratom powder into your hot beverage. From Red Hulu Kratom to Green Bali Kratom and myriad types in between, we offer a huge number of powders from our internet shop.

Each powder includes a scooper so it’s easy to measure the amount you will need for the outcomes you would like. If you mix the powder with hot water, the heat can help to dissolve the powder and the texture becomes smoother and more palatable.

However, this simple question remains: With numerous warm drinks to select from, why should you start or finish your day with kratom tea?

In short, kratom tea provides physical and emotional benefits that are difficult to derive from other similar drinks. Specifically, kratom leaves include over 40 active chemicals. The key ones are mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

If you drink kratom tea, these compounds link with critical receptors located on your brain. In effect, you can start to feel sensations that are similar to those delivered by moderate stimulants or pain relievers, depending upon your dosage. Some of these top advantages you can expect from drinking kratom tea comprise:

  • Pain relief
  • Increased mood
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved cognition
  • More energy
  • Improved focus

Understanding this, you might be glad to brew your first cup right away! However, it’s important to realize how to quantify your correct dosage. This article helps explain how to locate the ideal amount for your needs!


If you’re trying to find a beverage that may keep you awake and help you maintain your attention through the afternoon, a low dose of kratom on your morning tea is best. For many people, this will mean adding about one to five grams, depending upon their body weight, age, lifestyle and other key factors.


On the flip side, are you looking for comfort and relief from chronic pain? Think about a drink that will help you release the tension and struggles of daily and really wind down? Upping your dose only a little (to about five to 15 g ) may have the reverse effect on your system.

At this dose, kratom tea will deliver more of a sedative response. While some people may prefer to eat this amount of kratom recreationally, it’s usually allowed to give relief for those experiencing a chronic cough, diarrhea and related conditions. Additionally, higher dosages of kratom are occasionally utilized to create opioid withdrawal symptoms more tolerable.

Preparing Your Kratom Drinks

You’ve browsed the types and picked a few distinct strains of kratom powder to attempt at home. That is the first step and the most important one!

Now, you’re prepared to get creative and combine the powder into a few of your favorite beverages. Let us begin with the most popular one: kratom tea.

Kratom Tea

First, it is important to comprehend that its inadvisable to use kratom extracts to earn kratom tea. Why? When you use extracts, the hot water in your own tea may lead to kratom’s strong alkaloids to break down. Consequently, you won’t feel as strong of a benefit, although the extracts generally are more expensive than the powdered leaves themselves.

That said, with your container of powdered leaves hand, start by measuring one tbsp.

Then, head to the stove and boil two to four cups of water. The amount of water required depends on how strong you want the taste of your kratom tea to be. Using less water will bring about a stronger tea, whereas more water will weaken the beverage.

Still, although the taste may vary, the advantages will not. This is because you are still consuming the exact same quantity of kratom.

When the water stops boiling, pour the tablespoon of kratom into your cup or mug. Then, pour the water on top. Resist the urge to accelerate the process and mix the kratom into boiling water, as this can denature the valuable alkaloids in the powder.

Stir thoroughly until all is blended, making sure to remove any lumps and clumps present. Taste the tea and see what you think.

Can it be a little bitter? If so, most men and women realize that adding a little honey, agave or synthetic sweetener can help to make the tea more pleasantly sweet and drinkable.

That’s it! You can choose to drink your coffee right away if you prefer it warm. Or, you can wait until it cools down and pops it in the refrigerator for a cold tea that you can drink any time!

Other Tea Varieties to Try

In addition to creating a strictly-kratom tea, then you may even stir your powder into a variety of other sorts of cold or hot teas.

For example, kratom tastes great with mint teas, including peppermint tea and spearmint tea. When this mint tastes blend with kratom’s earthy undertones, the result is a tasty concoction.

To make this drink, only brew a cup of mint tea as you normally would. Let your boiling water sit for approximately five to seven minutes prior to incorporating your tea bag (or chunk of loose-leaf tea), and one dose of kratom. After the water is only slightly trendy, it preserves alkaloids and helps create a smoother, more better-tasting tea.

Are you a nightly tea drinker? If so, you might also opt to combine a dose of kratom powder to some sleep-inducing tea, such as chamomile.

Kratom Smoothie

Love the concept of a warm kratom beverage, but need something fresh and sweet for you moving in the evenings?

Why not create a kratom smoothie? The chocked-full of each of the goodness you would usually set in your blender, these prerequisite drinks are made even fitter with a couple of tsp of your favorite kratom powder!

One of the most well-known tactics to try this tendency is to produce a variation of the ever-popular green smoothie. For years, wellness gurus and housewives alike possess heralded the benefits that a beverage filled with celery, spinach and other greens may provide.

With the ideal kratom powder, then you can create your green smoothie even more nutritious! Of course, a green strain would work best in this case, hence try our Green Bali Kratom Powder to begin. You can even take a look at our Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder. The two will turn your smoothie which trademark jade color you’ve come to appreciate.

To create your smoothie, begin by gathering some frozen or fresh fruit. A few of our favorite add-ins include:

  • Pineapple chunks
  • Strawberries
  • Mangoes
  • Blueberries

Then, grab a few handfuls of your preferred kind of juicing greens. Kale, spinach or even bok choy work well in this recipe! You will also need one banana, some ice and your favorite kind of milk, such as almond milk. Last, step out one dose of kratom powder.

As with most smoothie recipes, the ratios are all loose, here. If you want to make it as healthy as possible, reduce the fruit and add more greens. Should you require it for a little sweeter, add more fruit and slash the greens a little.

Add all of your ingredients (including the kratom powder) your own blender, except for the almond milk. Then, begin to pulse the ingredients slowly. Add almond milk gradually as you go, to prevent producing your smoothie too lean at the very start. When you’ve reached your ideal consistency, pour it into a tall glass and enjoy immediately!

Like your kratom tea, it is also possible to add honey or sweetener to your smoothie if the atom makes it taste somewhat earthy!

Additional Great Kratom Drink Mixes

With so many amazing types of kratom powder available on the market, why should you restrict yourself to tea and smoothies? Then let us review a couple of other easy kratom beverage recipes you can create at home with your preferred strain of powdered kratom.

Kratom and OJ

You are aware that a glass of orange juice in the morning is a terrific way to fuel your body with vitamin C and other nutrients. However, a dash of kratom powder may take it to the next level.

With this beverage, we recommend choosing a strain that’s bright, bright and easy to combine with your own juice. Try our Yellow Sumatra Kratom Powder, for example. Mix one dose of the powder into a chilled glass of OJ and you have got a pick-me-up that’s guaranteed to begin your morning on the ideal foot.

Why does this mix work so well? The acidity of orange juice pairs perfectly with the flavor of kratom, since the citrus flavor helps to conceal any bitterness supplied by the powder. You can even try this identical recipe with grapefruit juice to attain a similar taste and effect.

Even more acidic than orange juice, grapefruit juice may function to cover the taste of kratom nearly entirely. This makes it one of the very best orator beverage recipes for novices!

Kratom and Lemonade

Lemonade tastes good at any time of the season, but it is particularly pleasant on a hot summer day! The next time you indulge in a homemade or store-bought cup of the feel-good drink, bring your kratom powder together.

Again, our Yellow Sumatra Kratom Powder would work nicely here, as could our Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder. To guarantee the beverage is sweet enough, add a spoonful of sugar into the mixture. The lemons and sugar will help disguise the natural flavor of kratom, which makes this 1 drink you’ll want to pour over and over.

Sip a Small Kratom Today

Are you interested in attempting kratom but unsure where to begin? Particularly if you’ve never used the material before, the idea of smoking it, chewing it or making it into edibles can be overwhelming and confusing.

This is really where kratom beverage blends come in! These powders make it easy to enjoy the unbelievable health benefits of kratom in a simple and easy-to-follow way. Whether you would like hot tea, cold tea, juices or smoothies, you’re always 1 sip off from a stress-free day.

When you are prepared to market your kitchen, we’ve got exactly the atom powders you want. Feel free to browse our online store to see the available varieties and contact us with any questions.

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